Pumps for tanks cleaning

Suction and cleaning sludge wastewater.

Application: suction and cleaning of tanks containing aluminum processing sludge. In this company, aluminum semi-finished products are produced in three phases: starting from casting to obtaining billets, then many operations are carried out to obtain profiles of various shapes, and finally surface finishing steps are completed with anodization and painting of metal semi-finished product. These operations generate wastewater characterized by chemical aggressiveness and a charge of abrasive metal suspensions. The fluids are collected in tanks and the formation of sludge deriving from the heavy solid suspension precipitation to bottom of tank. 

peristaltic pumps for suction and cleaning tanks arising form processing waste

The tanks cleaning operations and the removal of wastewater are performed by submersible centrifugal pumps, but, as is often happens, the formation of thickeners creates large problems of blockage of submersible pumps making them inefficient. Normally an operator goes down into the tank in order to improve the sludge evacuation process through fluidification operations for the sediment homogenization.

This is big problem because during the emptying operations, the operator works immersed in the fluid mass at the same time as the electric pumps running. The potential risk for the operator is clearly evident (electric shock).

Safety and peristaltic pumps in tanks cleaning operations

It was proposed for the task solution , a self priming peristaltic pump hcp 40 complete with speed variator, due this, machine is perfectly adapted to variable viscosity of the sludge, The pump perform a very high suction capacity and completely isolates the operator from a potential electric shock. Insensitive to dry running, the peristaltic pump does not suffer damage resulting from the discontinuity of liquid inflow, moreover, the resistance to abrasion and chemical aggression is assured by the hose membrane perfectly compatible with the fluid. The absolute safety is guaranteed by the fact that the pump operates on the surface by introducing the only suction pipe moving it in the various points of tanks to obtain a perfect cleaning, as it would happen with a vacuum cleaner. No physical contact between mechanical or electrical parts of the pump with the pumped fluid prevents any risk.

More information on pumps: Hose Carrier HCP 40

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Deep suction pumps.

Application purpose: deep suction of water inside oil and petroleum products tanks with peristaltic pump.

deep suction sef-priming peristaltic pumpThis company operates in the processing and trade of petroleum products, one of their main needs is the deep suction of water deposit inside accumulation tanks of heating oil an petroleum products. This is done as much for the main production installation, and as an additional service to customers tanks. Apart from the obvious fiscal and functional purposes  for which this practice is necessary, we come to the actual requirements that a pump must assure to perform this particular duty.

The main feature request is the deep suction capability, the machine should be able to operate easily with at least 8 meters height negative head, the pump has work with great effectiveness by generating minimum turbulence possible, to avoid stirring. The reversible in line capability is required, without the need to remove the pipes or other. The pump must be able to operate without any problems even in the presence of sedimented substances and any impurities. The commissioning and use should be extremely simplified, with easy maintenance and cleaning.

A last feature was requested by a customer, the pump carries out certainly a service rather light and occasional, but it is absolutely necessary that service should be granted with effectiveness and reliability with no any problem. The customer, made its considerations, chose a Hose Carrier HCP 25 peristaltic pump complete with mechanical speed variator and control panel.

The peristaltic pump entered into service has not disappointed the expectations developing a 9,5 meters vacuum allowing the deep suction without troubles of limpid or impure liquids, the variator allows to adjust speed to avoid turbulence, no damage in case of  dry running, full reversibility in line, put in service in few instants without problems. The peristaltic pump operates from the year 2012 no spares required till now.

More information on the peristaltic pump: Hose Carrier HCP 25

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Pumps for chemical cleaning.

Application purpose: chemical cleaning and descaling, industrial plants, recovery of wastewater and sludge with peristaltic pump.

peristaltic pump for chemical cleaningThis company operates in the field of chemical cleaning and washing of industrial systems, plants and components. These operations take place inside the company in the special tanks prepared for the purpose or directly on the customer plant, in case it is not possible to disassemble it. This last condition, also known as CIP (cleaning in place),for the obvious reasons is the most widespread.

The cleaning and washing operation is effected by the flushing special chemical cleaning agents acidic, basic and neutral. Are generally used, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate, soda etc. All the substances used for these operations, have characteristics of aggressiveness certainly relevant, it is taken for granted that the machines and pump equipment used for that task must be perfectly compatible in order to ensure the expected service life. But the important point of this application is another, during the washing operations, sometimes mud and abrasive media resulting in the waste.

The normal pumps used by our customer certainly are chemically compatible, but totally unsuitable for the treatment of muddy and abrasive sewage. In addition, during the washing phases, in certain situations, the liquid flow is discontinuous, exposing the conventional pumps to a dangerous operation in dry condition or intermittently, with continuous phases of priming, condition that sometimes resulted in damage to the sealing system of the pumps.

The peristaltic pump solution.

Sometimes the fluid is collected in flexible tanks placed and moved from time to time in different areas of the plant, these tanks having modest heights. The required pump must be capable of operating with minimum flooded condition level, the pump must be suitable of operating intermittently and with speed priming capabilities. The perfect solution was found by choosing a peristaltic pump HCP 25, with compact dimensions, good performance, absolute capacity and rapid priming, full chemical compatibility, and capable to operate with fluids with a very different viscosity, with solid abrasive suspension and obviously dry proof capabilities. Simple tasks for HCP 25 peristaltic pump .

For more information on the pumps: Hose Carrier HCP 25

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Pumps for the suction and transfer of the release agent and lubricant for moulds die casting.

 Release agent pumping, a different approach.release agent pump for die casting

A company belong to an important group operating in the production of die castings in aluminum, needed a rational system for the management and recovery of the release agent, and lubricants used in the steps of molding the cast components. Each machine has a collection tank that of a few centimeters in height size, however, may contain several hundreds of liters of contaminated feed materials to be recovered and treated. Each tank was equipped with a submersible pump of the conventional type. Of course, because the height of the collection tank is of a few centimeters, were used submersible pumps for clean water to obtain a suction level as low as possible, obviously, hydraulics of such pumps, is not suitable for the transfer of contaminated fluids and with solid substances in suspension. In addition, the pump worked most of the time with the engine in the air without cooling. This situation has caused the inevitable destruction of a large number of submersible pumps. The increasing costs and the continuous functional uncertainties have made necessary the total rethink of the process of recovery and treatment of the release agent.

Among the various solutions available, was chosen to produce a new plant which involved the use of a Pump Hose Carrier HCP 5.0 that sucks in a centralized manner by a suitable collector provided with pipes arranged in each collection tank, the large capacity of the pump suction hose carrier HCP 5.0 would have produced the vacuum inside the collector every time is necessary to empty the tub, it would have sufficed to open the appropriate valve arranged. The plant was built on the occasion of the summer stop and is regularly entered in function to the reopening of the productive activity. The solution adopted has produced immediately significant positive effects. Not only the Pump Hose Carrier HCP 5.0 was able to produce a great suction effect, but thus made possible to aspirate the solid suspensions present in the release agent that for their nature is not possible to deal with submersible pumps. Of course the Hose Carrier pump is not affected by a possible dry operation or discontinuous. We would also point out that between the aspiration point , and the point where is located the pump, there is a distance of over 150 meters and six meters of altitude. The cost of the management of the pump is a tubular membrane per year, really negligible.

On the occasion of a definitive rethinking of the implant, verified on the field the validity of the solution chosen, were introduced some practical automations to the system of the manifolds in suction. The Pump Hose Carrier HCP 5.0 has been replaced with the largest HCP 6.5 with variable speed equipped with integrated inverter with automation provided for the final implant for release agent.

The “old” HCP 5.0, is now placed to the treatment plant of the separating fluid in the implementation phase, and the recovery and the transfer of the muddy substances produced during the manufacturing process.

For more information on the Pump Hose Carrier HCP 6.5

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