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Peristaltic pumps HOSE CARRIER, belong to the category of positive volumetric pumps and may basically be divided in two families:

Hose Carrier HC low pressure pumpspositive-volumetric-peristaltic-pumps

Positive volumetric pumps intended for applications with maximum Head pressure no more than 20 meters high (2 bar) and limited flow rates . To this family belong the small pumps, intended for general purposes , as the aspiration and transfer of fluids with various characteristics, even with particulate suspensions, but of modest proportions. Very often, the HC pumps are used as dosing pumps. This series is equipped with tubular membranes (tube) of different type, not reinforced.

Hose Carrier HCP high pressure pumpspositive-volumetric-peristaltic-pumps

Intended for applications with maximum Head up to 100 meters (10 bar) and relevant flow. This family includes pumps equipped with tubular membranes structured for high strength with inner sections from 10 mm up to 150 mm. The HCP Hose Carrier pumps are intended for intense and heavy industrial uses , with problematic fluids, such as acids and concentrated bases , liquids, abrasive or dense and viscous products, sunspensions.High-pressure HCP Hose Carrier Pumps are equipped with composite and structured internal Hose available in a variety of materials to achieve high performance, durability and resistance to chemical aggression, wear, abrasion. The internal hose compound also has the proper mechanical strenght.

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