Hose Carrier gasoline engine driven peristaltic pump

Self-priming engine driven for services and emergency in open areas and without energy sources.

Special versions driven with gasoline engine, are available to be used in work sites where is not available the electrical power supply. Are typically used for general services and emergency. The pumps are practical and compact, equipped with special cart with folding handles, security cage. Are suitable to be used in open areas. Special lift eyes are provided for easy positioning in the working site. Special accessories extend applications use of peristaltic Hose Carrier motor pumps, special suction pipes with shaped profiles, drum for indirect suction of hazardous fluids and liquids not compatible with the pump, skimmer for supernatants.


  • Ecological services and environmental concerns.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Sites and industrial plants.
  • Naval services, port and harbor.
  • Emergency services.
  • Transport logistics of chemical fluids and various, clean or waste.
Gasoline engine driven peristaltic pump

Hose Carrier gasoline engine driven pumps guarantee:
– Priming dry up to a vacuum of 9.5 meters.
– Ability to run dry or discontinuous.
– Suction in depth or at large distances.
– discharge pressure up to 6 bar.
– Compatibility with almost all fluids for industrial use clean or waste.
– maximum resistance to abrasion.
– Transport of solid substances compact and breakable.
– a single component of wear present (hose), replaceable in the site in a few minutes.
– Insignificant cost of maintenance and use .
– Performance proportional to the engine speed of rotation.
– Compatibility with very viscous fluids .

The pumps are equipped with a standard engine tank, it is possible to produce larger capacity tanks to extend the working time.

HCP 2.5 MTPKohler SH265 6,5 Hp 3600 rpm1,65 mc/h4 barDN32
HCP 3.5 MTPKohler SH265 6,5 Hp 3600 rpm3,6 mc/h4 barDN40
HCP 4.0 MTPKohler CH395 9,5 Hp 3600 rpm7,2 mc/h4 barDN50

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