Hose Carrier metering pumps

Electronic and mechanical metering pumps

The Hose Carrier metering pumps  are a dispensing system ideal for accuracy, reliability and low maintenance. Our pumps are suitable on the automatic in line production or for occasional needs, with manual delivery metering. Our metering peristaltic pumps are implemented to manual mechanical speed variators  or more efficient versions by inverter with a wide possibility of control expansion. Safe, self-priming and dry proof capabilities allows an high accuracy. Some typical applications of our hose carriers metering pumps include the dosage of foods, beverages and chemical products, cosmetics or fluids particularly delicate. Wide Compatibility guaranteed by the wide range of tubular membranes available in different materials and also with FDA certification. When you use the Hose Carrier metering pumps  in important applications or minors in industrial production line, you can be sure to have accuracy, efficiency, convenient operating life,  with certain low costs .

Mechanical manuals speed variators .

The integration of the pump with a manual mechanical variator  is the simplest system to obtain the variable flow rate and make thus  possible the dosage operation. The flow rate of the pump is changed by manually operating a handwheel that will act on the transmission. You will get a pump that can be adapted to the various use situations , particularly insensitive to the nature of the environment because the functional parts are completely mechanical and sealed.Dirt, dust, moisture and even some maltreatment in use will not be a problem. The mechanical variation system  may be ideal if the machine is used by generic staff and in harsh environments.

hose carrier pallet base metering pump hcp 25hose carrier vertical metering pump hcp 25hose carrier variator metering pump hcp 25


Electronic inverters.

The electronic frequency converters has opened to the Hose Carrier metering pumps greater possibilities of use. By means of the inverter it is possible to obtain a speed variations much wider respect to the traditional mechanical system. The possibility of integration of control systems as switches and sensors allows to obtain complete cycle dosage groups . By integrating the inverter with other control systems as the PLC further increases the level of automation of global system or line. Even the energy efficiency and the consequent power saving in the management are a significant advantage. The correct programming of the converter will preserve the machine also from damage due to faults of plant or non correct use. On the Hose Carrier metering pumps are implemented electronic systems on board or remotely. The electronic inverter is constantly updated and is already possible set the device for your operational needs.

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