Partners for industrial applications.

Partner filters and prefilters

Partner for industrial use is a group constituted by one or more filters or prefilters and a Hose Carrier pump. The purpose is to aspirate and transfer various kinds of fluids, an in the same time operating physical filtration. The Hose Carrier pump  is particularly suitable for use with filter in suction because the pump produces a deep vacuum, higher than any other type of pump. There is no problem for the pump when operating in a vacuum. No damage the pump is possible and also in the case of occlusion or complete filling of the filter.

These features allow you to have a device that is extremely effective, very durable, easy-to-use. The characteristics of the filters or prefilters are defined on the basis of operational needs. It is possible to use filters with canvas, metal, synthetic, bag or cartridge. The filters to be coupled, are made of different materials, synthetic or metal according to the chemical nature of the fluids to be treated. The groups are built on skids, trolleys, bases.

Pumps Hose Carrier can also be used for indirect suction to fill the filters or receptacles without contact between the fluid pumped and the pump. This peculiarity makes it particularly useful in the case of fluids particularly dangerous. Generating the vacuum within the containment vessel (which must be vacuum-tight), when is filled, to a level reached, a visual device control or an automatic device (sensor) stop the pump. With this system it is possible to aspirate fluids not compatible with the pump and without any damage. Indirect suction pumping is possible only with the Hose Carrier pump.

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Partner Squeezer compactors prefilter

Squeezer are special pneumatic compactor filters that allow to get the masses filtered and almost completely dehydrated to accumulate in the solid state. With Squeezer filters you get a device that includes the characteristics of a bag filter and a filter press. The pneumatic compaction filter system, has the purpose of allowing the passage of fluids with heterogeneous suspension of defined and desired size, and retain and accumulate the rest. Reached the filling of the filter, the filtered melt is compacted pneumatically to allow the reduction of the volume and dehydration of the mass filtered. By opening the bottom cover you will get the unloading of the compacted agglomerate .

Filters Squeezer are very useful when you need to filter a fluid with suspensions, which could create serious damage to the pump unit such as, for example, sharp chip, solid bodies of generous size,  with sharp shape. Squeezer can otherwise retain and accumulate solids which you intend recovery faster and more functional.

Partner Bag,  draining and thickeners filters

pumps-filters-prefilters-bag-compactors 6The Hose Carrier Pump, is able to convey fluids with high solid percentage, the pump is particularly suitable to be matched to the Partner filter bag. The purpose of device is to thicken quickly the sludge arising from waste of industrial process, cheaply.
Partner Bag is a filtering module that operates in accordance with the principle of gravity. The mud is directly conveyed from the Hose Carrier Pump directly in the superior tank of the device and is distributed to fall inside special drainage bags. These bags are available with different filtering capability to obtain a dehydration up to 90%. The bags work in a mono-directional way, from the inside toward the outside so as to allow the exit of the water while holding the solid particulate in suspension. When the bag is full, is removed and replaced with a new one and stored in open area for the final dehydration. Subsequently it will be treated as dry waste. The water drained through the filter bags, is recirculated for reuse. Partner Bag is particularly indicated in combination with Hose Carrier Pumps with capacity up to 30 cubic meters per hour.
Completely free of electromechanical devices, represents the most economical and simple device for industrial fluids filtration. Partner Bag makes a physical filtration and is suitable for the treatment of fluids that do not require a chemical type conditioning of the.
Partner Bag is a module consisting in a frame for supporting the filter bags (2), a top storage tank and a recovery tank for filtered waters, an electrical switchboard for water level control in the top accumulation tank and eventually Hose Carrier Pump control. Several modules are combined to increase the draining capacity.