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Wself priming peristaltic pump HCP50 www.peristalticpumps.it peristaltic pump hose pumpse manufacture self priming peristaltic pumps Hose Carrier suitable for the aspiration and transfer of difficult fluids. Our pumps work with sludge, acids, alkaline, abrasive fluids with suspensions are not a problem. Even fragile products and delicate, thick and viscous, are treated with care. Of course, the Hose Carrier peristaltic pump can perform much more. With our machines we can solve many problems unsolved by traditional pumps  with benefit to avoid frequent interventions and high maintenance costs. Also available engine driven unit for particular environment and purposes.

If you have some needs and till now you do not have found an adequate solution, let’s talk about it together. We can help you by providing the right solution or customized pump to solve your problem. Good navigation in our site.

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What we do

We solve your problems of suction and transfer “difficult” fluids.

pump for suction and transfer industrial fluidsThis is our profession. The STELLA O.M. SAS is a full of experience company with many years of activity in pumps design production for suction and transfer fluids and industrial liquids such as sludges, viscous, abrasives, aggressive or even simply delicate and fragile. The entire production is own designed and manufactured. We apply criteria and modern technologies, to ensure the best ratio between quality and price. The Hose Carrier pumps are characterized by considerable strength, durability and versatility. At the same time are economic on purchase and maintaining in operation. The main feature of our production is the versatility of use.

A single Hose Carrier pump can accomplish different tasks with different fluids nature, at minimum cost and in very short setting times.

The wide range of pumps developed and in continuous growth, respond to the many demands of pumping of products or industrial fluids. Service and parts are always available, our mission is to solve your problem permanently, with effectiveness and economy.

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Our products

Peristaltic pumps HOSE CARRIER, belong to the category of positive volumetric pumps and may basically be divided in two families:

Hose Carrier HC low pressure pumpspositive-volumetric-peristaltic-pumps

Positive volumetric pumps intended for applications with maximum Head pressure no more than 20 meters high (2 bar) and limited flow rates . To this family belong the small pumps, intended for general purposes , as the aspiration and transfer of fluids with various characteristics, even with particulate suspensions, but of modest proportions. Very often, the HC pumps are used as dosing pumps. This series is equipped with tubular membranes (tube) of different type, not reinforced.

Hose Carrier HCP high pressure pumpspositive-volumetric-peristaltic-pumps

Intended for applications with maximum Head up to 100 meters (10 bar) and relevant flow. This family includes pumps equipped with tubular membranes structured for high strength with inner sections from 10 mm up to 150 mm. The HCP Hose Carrier pumps are intended for intense and heavy industrial uses , with problematic fluids, such as acids and concentrated bases , liquids, abrasive or dense and viscous products, sunspensions.High-pressure HCP Hose Carrier Pumps are equipped with composite and structured internal Hose available in a variety of materials to achieve high performance, durability and resistance to chemical aggression, wear, abrasion. The internal hose compound also has the proper mechanical strenght.

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Special and custom design.

Design special versions on request

Some special Hose Carrier peristaltic pumps deviate from the normal production due the particularity of the optional accessories fitted or oriented to the precise use destination. Currently the following versions are available:

special-and-custom-versions-peristaltic-pumps 1special-and-custom-versions-peristaltic-engine pumpspecial-and-custom-versions-peristaltic-pumps 2special-and-custom-versions-partner filter

The great attention to the customers needs, often neglected by major producers, the challenge tendency towards the solution of new problems, always pushes us to the development of new projects and variations. We shall welcome with much interest the needs that you will want propose. We will study the solution for you.

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Hose Carrier gasoline engine driven peristaltic pump

Self-priming engine driven for services and emergency in open areas and without energy sources.

Special versions driven with gasoline engine, are available to be used in work sites where is not available the electrical power supply. Are typically used for general services and emergency. The pumps are practical and compact, equipped with special cart with folding handles, security cage. Are suitable to be used in open areas. Special lift eyes are provided for easy positioning in the working site. Special accessories extend applications use of peristaltic Hose Carrier motor pumps, special suction pipes with shaped profiles, drum for indirect suction of hazardous fluids and liquids not compatible with the pump, skimmer for supernatants.


  • Ecological services and environmental concerns.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Sites and industrial plants.
  • Naval services, port and harbor.
  • Emergency services.
  • Transport logistics of chemical fluids and various, clean or waste.
Gasoline engine driven peristaltic pump

Hose Carrier gasoline engine driven pumps guarantee:
– Priming dry up to a vacuum of 9.5 meters.
– Ability to run dry or discontinuous.
– Suction in depth or at large distances.
– discharge pressure up to 6 bar.
– Compatibility with almost all fluids for industrial use clean or waste.
– maximum resistance to abrasion.
– Transport of solid substances compact and breakable.
– a single component of wear present (hose), replaceable in the site in a few minutes.
– Insignificant cost of maintenance and use .
– Performance proportional to the engine speed of rotation.
– Compatibility with very viscous fluids .

The pumps are equipped with a standard engine tank, it is possible to produce larger capacity tanks to extend the working time.

HCP 2.5 MTPKohler SH265 6,5 Hp 3600 rpm1,65 mc/h4 barDN32
HCP 3.5 MTPKohler SH265 6,5 Hp 3600 rpm3,6 mc/h4 barDN40
HCP 4.0 MTPKohler CH395 9,5 Hp 3600 rpm7,2 mc/h4 barDN50
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