Hose Carrier HCP 150

General maximum data of Hose Carrier HCP 150 pump

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Peristaltic pump Hose Carrier HCP 150
Delivery max Up to 160000 liters per hour
Head max Up to 8 bar
Aspiration Up to 9,5 meters
Free passage diameter 150 mm
Free passage hard solids diameter 30 mm
Inlet – outlet Barb hose DN 150 mm
Power 45 kW
Voltage Triphase
Wight kg.
Hose materials NR – NBR HYP – EPDM – SIL – (FDA)

OUR EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES of Hose Carrier HCP 150 pump:
Hose Carrier hcp 150

  • Low cost purchasing and maintenance.
  • Self-priming and dry running capabilites.
  • In line reversibility.
  • High vacuum up to 9,5 meters.
  • No valves, seat, seals, stator and rotor to wear.
  • Semplified maintenance without remove piping.
  • No contact between mechanical parts and pumped fluids.
  • Pump body in Carbon steel, Stainless steel.
  • Rollers with for life lubricated bearings.
  • Rollers with bearings protection optional.
  • Retractable rollers optional.Hose Carrier hcp 150 r
  • Double pump body option.
  • Direct flanged gearbox on motor or with support optional.
  • Containment and lubrication guides to extend hose life.
  • Lubrication systems with grease o Lubex.
  • Breakage tube control kit.
  • Mechanical o electrical vacuum assist for high density fluids.

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