Partner pump out system

Bilge mobile pump out system Partner 2r e 3 r

PARTNER is a mobile pump out device for suction and collection of the sewage fluids of various origin, specially conceived for simple and practical use inside port structures, dockyards, marinas, Community structures such as campsites, tourists villages  or occasional areas equipped for festivals or sporting events. Partners can suck quickly and transfer or store inside its own reservoir clean fluids  or with suspensions of acid or basic nature, with abrasive suspensions, light or heavy oils, diesel, bilge waters, gray, white, black waters, dense  and viscous fluids. PARTNER system is insensitive to dry operation, is self priming up to a depth of 9 meters and is able to aspirate a liquid even at tens of meters from the point of placement. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for suction of sewage of various nature from boats and yachts, campsites and tourist villages. Full compatibility with the sea water makes it suitable also to the drainage of the bilge fluids contaminated by oils or fuels, even with a considerable presence of sand. The possibility of dealing with viscous fluids allows partners to suck sludge or waste resulting from the cleaning of sites of careenage and repair, parkings, fuel tanks. The PARTNER simplicity facilitates the use even by non expert personnel.

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Partner mobile pump out is mainly made in two models that reflect functionality and compactness suitable for a large part of the tipical needs. Special versions, with pumps of different type and tanks of different capacities are made on request.

TypePump typeDeliveryVoltageTankTowing system
Partner 2 R-2.5HCP 2.51300 l/HourMono – Triphase250 liters2 wheels and tow hook
Partner 2 R-3.5HCP 3.53000 l/HourMono – Triphase250 liters2 wheels and tow hook
Partner 3 R-2.5HCP 2.51300 l/HourMono – Triphase120 liters3 Wheels manual towing
Partner 3 R-3.5HCP 3.53000 l/HourMono – Triphase120 liters3 Wheels manual towing

Partner TROLLEY system

Trolley is  apparatus more compact and lightweight of the family of devices for sucking sewage and gray water of boats and watercrafts. The reduced size and simple of use, summed up to a tank very capacious, allow to have a machine that is able to be brought and used anywhere, even in tight spaces. The trolley is the ideal system for small marine.

TypePump typeDeliveryVoltageTankTowing system
Partner trolley STF 3HCP 20750 l/Hour1 phase65 – 100 litersManual

partner-mobile-trolley-bilge pump out system

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