Replacement hoses for Hose Carrier HCP peristaltic pumps

Reinforced fiber textile replacement hoses for peristaltic pump.

The Hose Carrier pumps  are originally equipped with different first installation reinforced hoses (or replacement), designed expressly for the different requirements of use, however, all hoses have a common characteristic, the textile fiber reinforcement structure. The hoses reinforcing structure is constituted by rubber layers alternated by inserts in synthetic textile fibers with high resistance. This composition originates the dimensional memory that determines the high pumping effect and the great mechanical strength for long duration time. The internal layer in contact with the pumped fluid, is realized with special compounds capable to assure the best chemical compatibility with the products that the Hose Carrier pump  should be treat. The reinforced hoses can be used on our Peristaltic Pump Hose Carrier, or on units of several other producers.

10 standard sizes are available from diameter 10 mm (3/16″) to 150 mm (6″), with reinforcement layers growing directly with the diameter of the hose. The internal layer in contact with the fluid is available in the following materials: natural rubber (NR), natural rubber for foods (NRA) rubber, nitrile (NBR), nitrile elastomer foodgrade (NBRA) elastomer for hydrocarbons HBNR, elastomer for aggressive substances EPDM, elastomer for aggressive substances Hypalon® (CSM), elastomer for pharmaceutical products (SIL), The different internal layer available allow to use the same pump for most industrial applications. The hoses may have colored identification bands for a quick identification. The lengths may vary according to the measure for every peristaltic pump brand replacement hose.

replacement-textile-reinforced-hoses NR

Rubber Hose NR, ideal for transfer of abrasive fluids, light aggressive and with solids in suspension. Ideal for the mining sector, ceramics, mining, construction. Temperature from -10°C to +80°C.

replacement-textile-reinforced-hoses NRARubber Hose NR, for use in the food sector, oenological, cosmetic, conforms to FDA rules. Temperature from -10°C to +80°C.
replacement-textile-reinforced-hoses NBRNBR nitrilic hose, for transfer of oils and fatty fluids (including mineral oils), ideal for the mechanical sector, ecological, general use. Temperature from -10°C to +80°C.
replacement-textile-reinforced-hoses NBRAFoodgrade hose in NBRA, Ideal for decanting fatty, food and oily of animal and vegetable origin, ideal for cosmetics, food, cosmetic, oenological. FDA-Version. Temperature from -10°C to +80°C.
replacement-textile-reinforced-hoses HBNRHose  in HBNR suitable to transfer of lubricating oils and minerals oils, fuels and fluids with aromatic content up to 60%, ideal for chemicals, petrochemicals, ecological. Temperature from +15°C to +150°C.
replacement-textile-reinforced-hoses EPDMEPDM hose, ideal for the transfer of a wide range of chemical products* and corrosive liquids, ideal for the chemical sector, galvanic, mechanical. Temperature from -10°C to +100°C.
replacement-textile-reinforced-hoses EPDMRubber Hose CSM specifically designed for application on peristaltic pumps. High resitent to many chemicals particularly aggressive, ideal for the chemical sector, ecological galvanic,. Temperatures From -10°C to +80°C.
replacement-textile-reinforced-hoses SILSilicone SIL hose specific for high purity fluids transefr  (fats, oily, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products) with an alcohol content of up to 96%.Validation of pharmaceutical grade: conformity according to USP Class VI, EU pharmacopoeia and FDA Standard. It shows no loss of rubber fragments into the fluid conveyed (spallation) during the life of the tube. Temperatures From -20°C to +150°C

(*) For the verification of the chemical compatibility with the various products refer to the STELLA OM sas Technical Office.