Special accessories

Motor pumps and pumps can be equipped with special accessories

Sometimes Hose Carrier peristaltic motor pumps must accomplish specific tasks that involve in the suction of various hazardous fluids and liquids in situations conventionally different from the standard ones. The right accessories, make these operations performed more easily.

 Suction pipe 30° long rod with ball valve actuator.

angled pipe for suction of hazardous fluids and liquids.The suction pipe consists of a stainless steel rod with the end pointed and angled, which has the purpose to facilitate the suction of hazardous liquid by inserting it inside of tanks or containers. It can also be used to move the masses assimilated and break up agglomerations of solids in order to enable the suction. The suction pipe is also equipped with a ball valve in synthetic material compatible with the majority of wastewater and industrial most common liquids.

Suction terminal plate.

plate for suction of hazardous fluids and liquids.Suction terminal plate makes easier to drain when the level of fluid to be drained is of a few centimeters. Wide shape, but thin also allows suction close to edges and walls, and prevents that can be aspirated foreign solid bodies of big proportion, while ensuring the maximum section of flow necessary to the drainage operations. Made of stainless steel, suction plate resists to corrosion and abrasion. It can also be used for the suction of the floating materials on the surface of the fluid mass.

Skimmer Immersed.

skimmer for suction of hazardous fluids and liquidsSkimmer is a captation device of the substances and the suspensions that are generally positioned on the fluids surface. Connected to the pump suction pipe and immersed in the fluid, the Skimmer capturing basin work at a depth of a few millimeters from the free surface of the liquid, favoring the overflow inside basin of the floating substances in order to allow evacuation without involving the large part of the fluid mass. The Adjustable level of basin immersion, allows the Skimmer to adapt perfectly to the needs of use. Supported by three floating globe, Skimmer can be easily moved in the different points according to needs. Foams, algae, agglomerates floats,particulate, oily substances, fuels, supernatants, various contaminants can be easily eliminated without effort and quickly.

Drum for indirect suction of hazardous fluids and liquids.

Drum for indirect suction of hazardous fluids and liquidsThe Hose Carrier pump  has no problems run to dry, this characteristic, besides providing an indubitable advantage, opens to pump the possibility of particular uses impossible for all other pumps. The indirect suction is the operation by which develops a vacuum in a container and is made so that the vacuum produced generates a pumping and filling effect . This operation is necessary when, for different reasons, it is not possible to aspirate the fluid directly into the pump. In general, the indirect suction is used for operation with fluids which have incompatibility with the pump or other parts of the system, at times when there are doubt about possibility of strong chemical aggression. It may happen that the fluid to be pumped is dangerous. In these cases, the  indirect suction drum plays its role. The mode of use is simple, connects the pump to the drum for indirect suction, connects the latter to the point of suction of the fluid to be picked up. The first step consists in the evacuate the drum, operation that engages in a few minutes the Pump Hose Carrier (according to size). The second step consists in cutting the pump suction line, and open the suction line of the drum, in this way the hazardous fluid is accumulated inside the drum that is arranged to be hermetically closed and safely transported. The drum for indirect suction has a capacity of about 160 liters and is equipped with protective cage and transport. It is made of stainless steel Aisi 304/316, other materials or coatings are possibly proposable.