Applications of Hose Carrier pumps


  • Mechanical, iron and steel, oils, coolants fresh and contaminated, release agents, wastewaters resulting, sludge, foams and supernatants.
  • Chemistry, alkaline fluids and acids, fresh or exhausted, about 95% of industrial substances are compatible with the Hose Carrier.
  • Petrochemicals, oils, hydrocarbons and derivatives, cleaning services of tanks, elimination of water on the bottom of the tanks of diesel fuel.
  • Ecology, dosage flocculants, reagents, sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, milk of lime, polymers and the polyelectrolyte, filter press feeding.
  • Environmental Services, suction recovery and sludge and waste varies from spills, soil washing,  suction not better identified fluids.
  • Food and beverages, fragile fluids, solid suspensions pumped without damage, dense products, juices, syrups, creams, jams, drinks, honey, sauces.
  • Engineering and  engineering plant, the Hose Carrier play dosing operations, filling, recirculation and transfer of raw materials and finished products..
  • Energy, fluids and suspensions for the production of biogas and Biodisel
  • Specialized construction, drilling muds, bentonites, polymers, primer and additives.
  • Paper industry and typography, paper pulp, patina, colorants, pigments, inks, wastewater and sludge process.
  • Textiles and Tannings, inks, dyes, pigments, dyes,
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, creams, pastes, emulsions, raw materials, fragile fluids with a tendency to break up.
  • The rubber industry, latex, release agents, pigments.
  • Ceramics and Tiles, slip, enamels, fried, dyes, grout, cement mortar.

It is also possible find applications focus on application of Hose Carrier pumps.

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