The pumps can be completed with different options and accessories for the purpose or improving performance.

Electrical conventional switchboards accessories and options

accessories-options-available electric panelThe pumps can be equipped with electric switchboard control and motor protection, connectable to alarms or control options. Through the electric panel it is possible to manage the operation of the pump and other accessories such as control sensors, electronic dampeners, pressure switches, vacuum systems optional.

Electronic Boards

 accessories-options-available invertersThe inverter, in addition to ensuring the protection of electric motor, allow to obtain the variable flow rate by means of the variation of revolutions, also allow the management of operating parameters as well as control the torque delivered by the motor, progressive starting and stopping of the pump and enable to insert the pump inside  automation systems and advanced management as complex transfer and dosage systems.

Hose breakage and leakage device

 accessories-options-available sensor capacThe function of the device is to intercept leakages of fluid inside the pump body, in order to reduce to the minimum contact of product potentially aggressive for the mechanical components of the pump. The operation of the sensor requires the presence of the electrical panel or inverter.

Retractable Roller

 accessories-options-available retractable rollerThe Pump Hose Carrier also during the step of inactivity, closes the hydraulic circuit as if there were a valve, this is due to the fact that a roller always compresses the tubular membrane not allowing the fluid passage even when the pump stops. This can sometimes be an obstacle for certain activities such as sanitizing in place (CIP) as provided in some protocols for use (food, pharmaceuticals). By the retractable roller it is possible to fold laterally the roller so to allow the flushing provided for the operation of cleaning and disinfection. It can be very useful to have the retractable roller when the pump will provide alternate cycles of great use and prolonged stops. During the pause, the folding roller do not presses on the tubular membrane, this greatly increases the service life of the membrane hose. The retractable roller is only available for some models of pumps.

Vacuum systems to increase suction performance

accessories-options-available vacuum pumpThe purpose of the vacuum systems is to facilitate the intake of the pump in case of working with high viscosity fluids. A special vacuum pump create inside the pump body a condition that favors resize to shape the “elastic memory” of the tubular membrane in the pump suction phase. There are essentially two types of vacuum systems, the electromechanical one through a vacuum pump, and electro-pneumatic type by vacuum generator, a fully mechanical currently is in development.

Pulsation dampeners

accessories-options-available dampenersThe purpose of the dampers is to make linear as possible the flow of the volumetric pumps as the Hose Carrier is. Dampeners are not a necessary accessory to the pump, dampeners could be mandatory for the plant to protect against schoks and vibrations. the plant dampeners that must be sized and designed properly. There are several types of dampeners, from simple expansion vessels to electro-pneumatic  model. The definition of this accessory is developed on a case by case basis.

Trolleys an kart

 accessories-options-available trolleyThe pumps can be equipped with various trolleys for use in inside or outside environment . There are standard versions and on request with different accessories. Standard versions for internal use are equipped with full rubber wheels , tiller for slow driving in site, feet, electrical switchboard support. Versions for external use can be completed with protection cages , foldable handles , lifting eyes, pneumatic wheels and different accessories.

Special fittings

accessories-options-available attacks connectionsStandard pumps are equipped with barb hose fittings type because they allow the immediate application of the delivery pipe and exhaust, are available on request different attacks, flanged, quick couplers, tri-clamp, custom.