Hose Carrier HCP 100

General maximum data of Hose Carrier HCP 100 pump

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Peristaltic pump Hose Carrier HCP 100
Delivery max Up to 60000 liters per hour
Head max Up to 8 bar
Aspiration Up to 9,5 meters
Free passage diameter 100 mm
Free passage hard solids diameter 25 mm
Inlet – outlet Barb hose DN 100 mm
Power 5.5 – 14,5 kW
Voltage Triphase
Dimensions H 1490 x 1300 x 1470
Weight kg.
Hose materialsNR – NBR HYP – EPDM – SIL – (FDA)

OUR EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES of Hose Carrier HCP 100 pump:
Hose Carrier HCP 100

  • Low cost purchasing and maintenance.
  • Self-priming and dry running capabilites.
  • In line reversibility.
  • High vacuum up to 9,5 meters.
  • No valves, seat, seals, stator and rotor to wear.
  • Semplified maintenance without remove piping.
  • No contact between mechanical parts and pumped fluids.
  • Pump body in Aluminum, Carbon steel, Stainless steel.
  • Rollers with for life lubricated bearings.
  • Rollers with bearings protection optional.
  • Retractable rollers optional.
  • Double pump body option.
  • Direct flanged gearbox on motor or with support optional.
  • Containment and lubrication guides to extend hose life.
  • Lubrication systems with grease o Lubex.
  • Breakage tube control kit.
  • Mechanical o electrical vacuum assist for high density fluids.

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Download technical sheet: scheda Hose Carrier HCP 10.0 Eng