High pressure Hose Carrier HCP pumps

What are the HCP Hose Carrier pumps high, medium pressure.

  • High pressure HOSE CARRIER HCP pumps are special positive displacement pumps for industrial applications with flow rates up to 160000 liters per hour meters and high head, up to 10 bar.
  • Equipped with flexible structured hoses of various materials to fit most industrial applications common or particularly severe.
  • The pumped fluid remain inside the hose and do not enter into contact with any mechanical part of the pump.
  • Aspiration up to 9.5 metres from the level of the liquid. It’s possible pump particularly dense or difficult fluids, the pumps have high resistence to abrasion and corrosion, solids carrying  capability, in relation to the internal dimensions of the flexible hose.
  • Run dry without problems for extended time and do not require special maintenance. The only wear part is the flexible hose (or tubular membrane) easy and fast replaceble without special tool in site, with no need of piping remove.

How the pump work.

  • peristaltic high pressure pumpsThe working principle is based on peristaltis, the impulsion generated by a pair of rollers that press on elastomeric material hose, the rotation plus the press action determines the pumping effect with great efficiency.
  • The significant suction effect generated by the HOSE CARRIER pump occurs as a result of the return to the original position (shape) of the flexible hose after pressure action of impulsor roller, speed rotation has non effects on suction capability.
  • The large capacity priming makes HOSE CARRIER the pumps particularly suitable for pumping dense and viscous solutions or suction from far distance from the place where the pump is located.
  • The HOSE CARRIER pumps are closed-cycle type of pumps. The pumped fluid does not enter in contact with mechanical parts of the pump. No contamination to fluid, no corrosion to the pump is possible. Special hoses for food use with FDA certifications.

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