Pumps Hose Carrier for suction wastewater and sludge of metal surfaces finishing process

pump-hose-carrier hcp 5.0-varnishing sludge Aspiration of varnishing sludge.

An HCP 50 peristaltic pump is responsible for suction and transfer of sludge generated by the process of regeneration of cylinders for compressed gas in a company forming part of a large industrial group, specialized in the production and trade of gas cylinders and cylinders packs for industrial use.
One of these companies in the group,  takes care of the recovery and regeneration and varnishing of cylinders.

Between the processing steps is expected:  the washing and the remediation of the cylinders, blasting the body, the pre-treatment operations and the final finishing with the final varnishing of the product, often with custom colors. This company works thousands of cylinders each year,in steel,aluminum,with accessories or without.

The perfect pump solution for varnishing sludge:

The HCP 50 used is a medium proportions peristaltic pump ,and must recover and transfer waste water and sludge liquids deriving from the manufacturing process. Starting from the first for arrive to last working step, the variety of liquids pumped is very wide, as well as the viscosity, but the presence of the speed variator allows to the pump a perfect adaptation to different tasks. In the wastewater there are aggressive substances, solid suspensions,residual abrasive sand, various agglomerates, there is everything, in liquid form or muddy.

The machine that can do all this work is only one, the  HCP 50 peristaltic pump. With a free passage up to 50 mm in diameter, the machine performs its function in all phases, from 2007, the year which it has planted into service. It should be added that in the dead times, or when it is necessary, should also drain the varnishing sludge from the cabins tanks. The customer buy a tubular membrane spare approximately every two years. The pump goes hand in hand to various operators for their service, without problems, while always ensuring a ready effective operation, removing sludge ,at low cost.

More information on the pump :  Hose Carrier HCP 5.0

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Pumpout marinas mobile system Partner 2r for bilge and waste water

pumpout dockside mobile system partner 2r

Are now six years that an important dock has purchased a bilge water pumpout Partner 2r dockside mobile system to ensure suction and transfer of sewage water of boats. Designed exactly for this use, are six years that the Partner goes back and forth to the dock by doing the right hard work.

The basic diet of this pumpout device are the exhausts in general, but may occur bilge water with sand and sludge, suspended solid particles and various, but also oil, fuel and who knows what else. With its tank of 250 litres, Partner 2r is brought into the proximity of the vessels, and recovers waste fluids to download to storage or treatment. Appropriate accessories can further extend the applications of use. Equipped with a tow hook of approved type, may be driven by any suitable means. Lightweight and compact, it is ideal for services small marinas and harbours.

Thi Partner is equipped with Hose Carrier HCP 2.5 pump of great reliability of operation. Services intensive as the ones of this customer, are not a problem for this pump. Great versatility, suction capacity, and the ability to run dry without problems, make all the difference when you need to rely on machines that work intense. The Partner 2r is really easy to use and does not require specific skills, your pump Hose Carrier is compatible with all aggressive liquids, abrasive and dense.

In six years of operation, the “Partner 2r” of this marina, has not required any spare parts and carries out its own humble job with great reliability, every time.

For more information on the dockside system water bilge Partner 2r

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