How to easily pump dense and viscous fluids.

Peristaltic pumps for very viscous fluids

viscous and dense fluids peristaltic pump100,000 cps, up to this value can reach viscosity of fluids that our customer, operating in the food sector, must transfer seasonally from reactor to containers prepared for the following Machining. The operation was carried out by flexible impeller pumps with very disappointing results and very high operating costs. The transfer of normal or viscous  products, obviously ,did not generate problems, but as the viscosity raise, difficulty, inefficiencies, and high management costs grew fast. The company reached a level that was no longer sustainable. The increasing viscosity of products generated great discontinuity  of suction flow to the pumps, often causing  destruction of the rubber impellers and mechanical seals of all the pumps available. Viscous and dense fluids = problems.

This is the fact, without any consideration for the long process  pumping times, combined with cleaning, restoring and continuous maintenance time spent for the various pumps involved . The  company technical manager finally decide to  seek a rational solution to solve the issue, he exposed the problem to several pump producers, proposing them a sample of the most difficult viscous product to verify the transferability. No one proposed a solution, 100000 cps are a limit for almost everyone. We made our own tests with our peristaltic pumps. After that we have realized that we could definitely eliminate the high viscosity transfering problems of this company.

The right solution for very viscous and dense fluids.

Now, a peristaltic HCP 50 pump equipped with special accessories has replaced the previous pumps in the suction and transfer operations. Our peristaltic pump is equipped with additional vacuum system and Inverter panel for the management of the speed variation. The possibility to change the speed allows the adaptation of the pumping capacity to the characteristics of most of the less problematic fluids. With the few high viscosity fluids, increased vacuum system allows to obtain the suction efficiency required, needed to work with high viscous products (up to 100000 cps).

The pump capability of realizing a vacuum up to 95% and the ability to keep it stable even with different speeds allows the HCP 50 peristaltic pump to satisfy the customer’s requirements for high viscosity fluids. Low operating cost and effectiveness in operation have consolidated the trust of our customer to our peristaltic pumps. We can expect the introduction of some other machine in future

More information about the pump: HOSE CARRIER HCP 50

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Liquid egg and yolk metering pump (Egg products).

Liquid egg, and egg product easy an precision dosing.

peristaltic pump HCP 15 for liquid egg, egg products, yolk, peristaltic pumps peristaltic pump

In this pasta factory every year hundreds of tons of pasta are produced, to obtain such quantities, it has become necessary to introduce efficient and rational modern industrial processes. The use of semi-finished products such as liquid egg and egg products in the production cycle, makes possible to obtain the final product, more easily and with higher quality and safety criteria.

The already-shelled and pasteurized liquid egg from highly specialized suppliers has simplified the production process with great efficiency and very high quality levels. The use of highly specialized ingredients such as liquid egg and egg products ensures required levels of safety and hygiene, considering that egg is the most critical component in the pasta production process. Pasteurized liquid egg is an indispensable aid in a modern pasta production process, it is certainly necessary to treat it with a suitable machine to provide the correct dosage in the pasta production process.

Egg products perfect pumping solution.

For this purpose, a special HCP 15 peristaltic pump was introduced in the process pasta plant, completely made of stainless steel and equipped with a special peristaltic hose that guarantees the sanitary cleaning criteria necessary for this operation. To make a precise dosage possible, the pump is controlled by an inverter that can check the operating parameters for a complete integration into the overall automation of the production plant . However, the peristaltic pump can perform simplified operations even at manual level, with the keyboard controls and the fine adjustment potentiometer included in the basic version of the inverter.

The most important feature of the peristaltic pump is to have no mechanical parts in contact with the delicate product (liquid egg). The liquid egg remains solely in contact with the peristaltic hose making it impossible any contamination. Naturally the peristaltic hose can be sterilized with the most common sanitizing or autoclave processes. Of course the peristaltic pump is entirely made of stainless steel, including the base and support of the inverter, and is equipped with dedicated sanitary fittings. The peristaltic pump came into service in 2015, and is doing its job every day.

More information about the pump  Hose Carrier HCP 15

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