Pumpout marinas mobile system Partner 2r for bilge and waste water

pumpout dockside mobile system partner 2r

Are now six years that an important dock has purchased a bilge water pumpout Partner 2r dockside mobile system to ensure suction and transfer of sewage water of boats. Designed exactly for this use, are six years that the Partner goes back and forth to the dock by doing the right hard work.

The basic diet of this pumpout device are the exhausts in general, but may occur bilge water with sand and sludge, suspended solid particles and various, but also oil, fuel and who knows what else. With its tank of 250 litres, Partner 2r is brought into the proximity of the vessels, and recovers waste fluids to download to storage or treatment. Appropriate accessories can further extend the applications of use. Equipped with a tow hook of approved type, may be driven by any suitable means. Lightweight and compact, it is ideal for services small marinas and harbours.

Thi Partner is equipped with Hose Carrier HCP 2.5 pump of great reliability of operation. Services intensive as the ones of this customer, are not a problem for this pump. Great versatility, suction capacity, and the ability to run dry without problems, make all the difference when you need to rely on machines that work intense. The Partner 2r is really easy to use and does not require specific skills, your pump Hose Carrier is compatible with all aggressive liquids, abrasive and dense.

In six years of operation, the “Partner 2r” of this marina, has not required any spare parts and carries out its own humble job with great reliability, every time.

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Pumps for the suction and transfer of the release agent and lubricant for moulds die casting.

 Release agent pumping, a different approach.release agent pump for die casting

A company belong to an important group operating in the production of die castings in aluminum, needed a rational system for the management and recovery of the release agent, and lubricants used in the steps of molding the cast components. Each machine has a collection tank that of a few centimeters in height size, however, may contain several hundreds of liters of contaminated feed materials to be recovered and treated. Each tank was equipped with a submersible pump of the conventional type. Of course, because the height of the collection tank is of a few centimeters, were used submersible pumps for clean water to obtain a suction level as low as possible, obviously, hydraulics of such pumps, is not suitable for the transfer of contaminated fluids and with solid substances in suspension. In addition, the pump worked most of the time with the engine in the air without cooling. This situation has caused the inevitable destruction of a large number of submersible pumps. The increasing costs and the continuous functional uncertainties have made necessary the total rethink of the process of recovery and treatment of the release agent.

Among the various solutions available, was chosen to produce a new plant which involved the use of a Pump Hose Carrier HCP 5.0 that sucks in a centralized manner by a suitable collector provided with pipes arranged in each collection tank, the large capacity of the pump suction hose carrier HCP 5.0 would have produced the vacuum inside the collector every time is necessary to empty the tub, it would have sufficed to open the appropriate valve arranged. The plant was built on the occasion of the summer stop and is regularly entered in function to the reopening of the productive activity. The solution adopted has produced immediately significant positive effects. Not only the Pump Hose Carrier HCP 5.0 was able to produce a great suction effect, but thus made possible to aspirate the solid suspensions present in the release agent that for their nature is not possible to deal with submersible pumps. Of course the Hose Carrier pump is not affected by a possible dry operation or discontinuous. We would also point out that between the aspiration point , and the point where is located the pump, there is a distance of over 150 meters and six meters of altitude. The cost of the management of the pump is a tubular membrane per year, really negligible.

On the occasion of a definitive rethinking of the implant, verified on the field the validity of the solution chosen, were introduced some practical automations to the system of the manifolds in suction. The Pump Hose Carrier HCP 5.0 has been replaced with the largest HCP 6.5 with variable speed equipped with integrated inverter with automation provided for the final implant for release agent.

The “old” HCP 5.0, is now placed to the treatment plant of the separating fluid in the implementation phase, and the recovery and the transfer of the muddy substances produced during the manufacturing process.

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Chemicals products suction and transfer.

Pompa Hose Carrier HCP 5.0 con inverter su carrello

A well-known company engaged in the manufacture and sale of chemical substances and products destined to the car industry and transport, needed new pump for transfer chemicals with characteristics that are very variable. The raw materials and the products   made in the company are generally acidic or alkaline, dense or viscous, or very fluid, but with a tendency to determine phenomena such as foams. The operation which the pump has in charge start from emptying  the tanks for the transfer to production, to dosing into the container of the medium and the large proportion.

It is ideal that a single pump will be able to fulfil all the needs, adapting to the individual characteristics of the fluid, without complicated operations of adaptation. Among the various needs, there is also to move easily the machine in the manufacture areas according to the needs of the chemicals production cycle.

The company chose a Hose Carrier of the HCP 5.0-speed electronically variable, with a dedicated trolley. The pump can ensure to get a range from a few hundred litres up to 12000 litres times, work with thick fluids without difficulty, or pumping fluids, which generate foams without start this unwanted phenomenon. The full chemical compatibility of the pump avoid to prepare the machine for different tasks.

Granules, abrasive suspensions that may be present in the products, or processing waste contaminated can be pumped without any damage to the pump.

The presence of the inverter programmable allows simple dosing or interfacing with the sensors or the logic of the system that will be defined for the purpose. With a single pump, and no changes you will be able to pump many chemical based products or finished products such as, acids, bases, detergents, surfactants, degreasers, additives, solvents, emollients, and lubricants. Of course, the different viscosities are not a problem, as well as the possibility of priming capability that is guaranteed to dry without damage in the case of normal or intermittently operation, . Not bad for a single pump.

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