Pumps for blood and slaughter waste of meat processing.

Blood with suspensions of slaughter waste scrap, aspiration and transfer.

pump for blood slaughter waste

Probably blood and slaughter waste aspiration and transfer may seem a trivial aspect in a production process, but working with 200 tonnes of fresh meat, even with the aid of automated systems and very modern technological processes, a small annoyance can also become a more serious problem. And so, this modern company involved in slaughter and processing of meat, had a weak point.

The company has never been able to find a pump that is truly reliable for the suction and transfer of the blood of processing slaughter waste. The two plants of recent introduction were equipped with such pumps. But as always happens, the solutions adopted initially by designers are mainly of economic nature, and in a short time, the user pays the consequences. Find technical correct solution is in charge of final user. The pumps of the first plant lasted an insignificant fraction of time. Were replaced with a pneumatic diaphragm pump. The system improved its efficiency, but often happened a stoppage of the pump due to the blocking of the valve system, due to the input of a solid suspension largest or the formation of blood clots.

This fact imposed disassembly and cleaning of the seats and the valves to restore operation. Great discomfort, given that it is necessary to remove the pump and the pipes in order to perform this operation. The compressed air also has it cost, and on pneumatic pumps, even if the mid-pump size makes itself felt significantly. Sometimes, during priming phase, the diaphragm pump did not work due to the dirt which tends to settle in the seats valve preventing the operation. Ultimately, not big problems, but annoying drawbacks were frequent.

We were asked how to solve the problem, so we proposed a HCP 40 peristaltic pump with small footprint and very compact, in accordance to the requirements of the customer. And on 2014 the peristaltic pump has been installed in a small destination space. Since then, the peristaltic pump makes his daily work, transfering blood and slaughter waste with constancy and reliability, till today, the pump has not requested any spare and no maintenance intervention.

More information on the pump:  Hose Carrier HCP 40

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