Sampling pumps for water monitoring a environment investigations

Wich pumps for water sampling can ensure maximum suction?

Our customer operates in geological and environmental inspections. Among the most common main activities, there is an intense water monitoring activities carried out using appropriate sampling pumps for surveys in plant facilities and chemicals production sites. sampling pumps peristaltic pumpThe most common operation in monitoring is sampling and analysis of process and ground water. One of the most critical aspects, it is precisely the collecting of groundwater that must be handled by special monitoring wells arranged in order. The most important feature that should have a pump for this function is a high suction capacity, especially in case the sampling is practiced from the ground surface with self priming pump.  A pump capable of developing very high suction capability is absolutely needed.

Use of surface self priming pumps is generally the system most used and preferred where applicable. This system is the fastest and cheapest way to operate on wells with a static level up to less than 10 metres depth.

Only long-lasting textile fiber reinforced peristaltic hose with large elastic memory produce the maximum suction effect needed for a monitoring pump.

There are several manufacturers of sampling and monitoring pumps, but all available products make use of single-component or mono-extruded peristaltic tube. This type of component, although it can provide a substantial vacuum, but difficult in practice, ensures effective functionality at depths greater than 6 meters, because of the tendency to remain compressed due to  vacuum effect, and  lack of elastic memory tipically present on non reinforced tube type.

A sampling peristaltic pump that arrives at great depth

For the construction of its own analysis unit, our customer wanted an HCP 20 peristaltic pump that, unlike ordinary sampling pumps, uses reinforced hoses with textile fibers between the various layers of rubber. This type of hose maintain a very high elastic memory and permanently guarantee a great vacuum up to 95% with the advantage of suction capability up to 9.5 meters above ground level. An important average of 3.5 meters more than conventional similar pumps. From an operational point of view, this is already a notable advantage, but it is also added the much longer life of the fiber-reinforced textile peristaltic hose, greatly simplifying the operational monitoring activity and moving far in the time the replacement of peristaltic hose.

More information on the pump: Hose Carrier HCP 20

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