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Pump for transfer and dosing UV printing ink

peristaltic pump for printing ink, peristaltic pumps

This company prints 4-color industrial labels. The valuable oenological label represents the company’s battle horse, labels are produced in many varieties and in a very high quantity. For producing labels, modern printing systems are used, all systems are able to quickly adapt to different printing needs. Obviously large amounts of UV ink and solvents are used, also viscosity may vary.

The first transfer and dosing experiences of the inks were made with double-diaphragm pneumatic pumps, certainly attracted by the seemingly very convenient cost. But company realized in a short time that the cost of compressed air was far from irrelevant, the precise dosage of printing inks remained more desirable than certainty due the well-known difficulty in regulating the operation of pneumatic pumps. Another sensible disadvantage was that the diaphragm pump was not reversible, making the color change and cleaning operation particularly complicated and with considerable waste of time and precious printing ink.

The next step was to progressively discard pneumatic units and rely on a peristaltic pump to improve ink management. The benefits were immediately apparent, total energy costs cut, speed and precision in ink feeding and dosing. Great simplification in cleaning and changing ink colors since the typical peristaltic pump reversibility has made it possible to quickly empty the pump and line with simple counter rotation, ensuring great savings in the management of the various inks. However, there was still some aspect to be improved, the duration of the peristaltic tube, not entirely satisfactory.

During modernization of printing plants, the existing peristaltic pump was replaced with the most reliable Hose Carrier peristaltic pump HCP 20 complete with mechanical speed variation, but above all with the special synthetic fiber reinforced hose.  The special reinforced peristaltic hose can ultimately guarantee the long operational lifetime, in addition to the great benefits of peristaltic system. Ink management has had such a significant improvement that in a short time an order for a second machine is followed.

More information about the pump: Hose Carrier HCP 20

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