peristaltic pumps for ceramic slip and glazes for the ceramic industry.

Peristaltic pumps for ceramic slip and glazes.

peristaltic pump for ceramic slip and glazesThe production in the ceramic tile and brick industry exposes the pumps to a critical process: the highly abrasive nature of the ceramic slip and the high viscosity make it necessary to use appropriate handling technology to ensure efficient and cost-effective operation. For other fluids, such as glazes, pumps must also be provided with dosage pre-requisites for production cycle requirements.

HCP peristaltic pumps, robust, simple and adaptable, are the perfect solution for any type of pumping task in the ceramic production process. In a major ceramic company, years ago, a HCP 35 was bought for transfer of glazes, over time, two other HCP 50 pumps for the handling and transfer of slip were introduced to be used in a group affiliate. More recently, a new HCP 25 peristaltic pump has been supplied with inverter control intended for glazes transfer and pre-dosing operations.

Perfect for ceramic slip and glazes.

Hose Carrier peristaltic pumps are ideal for aspiration and transfer of ceramic slip and glazes, perfect for emptying or filling underground tanks, thanks to the perfect online reversibility without having to move the pipes. With HCP peristaltic pumps, it is easy to handle ceramic slip in a simple and cost-effective way, despite the high viscosity and abrasion of the material. In the ceramic industry, the Hose Carrier peristaltic pumps perfectly fit the mill loading and unloading operations, feed the atomizers, preparing and conveying ceramic slip and glazes, generic emptying and cleaning operations.

Costs? They remain low and easily under control, no repair at the workshop, no dead machine days, no specialized manpower, no pump removal from workin site, no pipe to remove. One replacement spare only (the hose), replaceable in the site in just a few minutes. No pump is easy to use, effective and simple to handle as a Hose Carrier peristaltic pump is.

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