Deep suction pumps.

Application purpose: deep suction of water inside oil and petroleum products tanks with peristaltic pump.

deep suction sef-priming peristaltic pumpThis company operates in the processing and trade of petroleum products, one of their main needs is the deep suction of water deposit inside accumulation tanks of heating oil an petroleum products. This is done as much for the main production installation, and as an additional service to customers tanks. Apart from the obvious fiscal and functional purposes  for which this practice is necessary, we come to the actual requirements that a pump must assure to perform this particular duty.

The main feature request is the deep suction capability, the machine should be able to operate easily with at least 8 meters height negative head, the pump has work with great effectiveness by generating minimum turbulence possible, to avoid stirring. The reversible in line capability is required, without the need to remove the pipes or other. The pump must be able to operate without any problems even in the presence of sedimented substances and any impurities. The commissioning and use should be extremely simplified, with easy maintenance and cleaning.

A last feature was requested by a customer, the pump carries out certainly a service rather light and occasional, but it is absolutely necessary that service should be granted with effectiveness and reliability with no any problem. The customer, made its considerations, chose a Hose Carrier HCP 25 peristaltic pump complete with mechanical speed variator and control panel.

The peristaltic pump entered into service has not disappointed the expectations developing a 9,5 meters vacuum allowing the deep suction without troubles of limpid or impure liquids, the variator allows to adjust speed to avoid turbulence, no damage in case of  dry running, full reversibility in line, put in service in few instants without problems. The peristaltic pump operates from the year 2012 no spares required till now.

More information on the peristaltic pump: Hose Carrier HCP 25

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