Pumps for aspiration and transfer of cosmetics products.

hcp 2.0

The safe and effective aspiration and the transfer of different products are requirement never fully resolved, by a small but very active company engaged in the production of cosmetics.

The company in addition to having an own brand, is active in the filling and filling on behalf of third parties a wide range of cosmetic products, with variable viscosity, and sometimes with a little compact suspensions . The range of the products includes creams, shampoos, detergents, lotions, tonics, dyes, mousse, gel, etc

Are used for packaging different types of pumps, and the results are also satisfactory. However, in the occasion of an insertion of a new line of production, the technical department was looking for a pump that has characteristics as to be able to adapt to the remarkable variability of the products to be transferred, and to make it possible to operate in a vacuum, even in the presence of very viscous fluids, with micro solids in emulsion, with the maximum operational safety. Guarantee that the Hose Carrier HC 2.0 can safely ensure that the pump can guarantee a high intake and no problems on discontinuous run, as well as to be cleaned in a very short time.

It has been chosen the Hose Carrier HC 2.0, equipped with servo-ventilated motor, in the simple version on the base. The company would have proceeded independently to define what is necessary to the implementation in the new production line. (inverter, kart, and control devices).

The pump is in operation for some years, providing the processing plant, with great versatility and efficiency. All the products that are engaged in the line without any problem. The inverter handles the machine in a way that is rational and productive. The operating cost of the machine, at the moment we can quantify it in a single tubular membrane / year. We are confident that the company will have achieved significant operational and economic benefits, and that such benefits will be in the installation of a further new line.

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