Self-priming engine driven pump for aggressive or hazardous fluids

Hazardous and aggressive fluids in open areas or without electricity – this is the solution.

Self-priming engine driven pump for aggressive or hazardous fluidsHow a lightweight and versatile self-priming engine driven pump can expand the operational possibilities in the field of ecological recovery, our customer works in the environmental field for the recovery and treatment of wastewater and hazardous fluids arising from industrial processes, already owner of a self-priming electric peristaltic pump Hose Carrier intended to operate for the same purpose, presented us with the need to possess a self-priming petrol engine driven peristaltic pump for new incoming duties.

Starting from a 35 HCP pump ideal for performance and size, we have created a transmission equipped with a gearbox selected to operate with the speed typical of the current fast petrol engines, combined with a special joint able to power allow the start of the engine without dragging load of the pump. once the engine is started, just act on the accelerator to engage the pump and obtain at the same time a change of rpm that allows the pump Hose Carrier to adapt for different fluids viscosity.

A single self-priming engine driven pump is suitable for all common hazardous fluids.

The possibility to set up tubular membranes in different compounds makes it possible to extend the pump’s compatibility with most fluids and wastewater destined to be recovered by the company for subsequent treatment: the entire group has been set up in a steel tube cage equipped with folding handles and lifting eyes so as to guarantee adequate protection for the pump during the “abrupt” operational use needs, the result is a perfect heavy duty practical unit.

For the past three years, this self-priming engine driven pump has been making its operational contribution to the company’s objectives, making it possible to further expand the range of services offered by the company: maintenance and management costs are so low that it has not yet been necessary to replace any of the various tubular membranes of first delivery.

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