Pumps for transfer ceramic slip and abrasives mixtures.

Application purpose : transfer ceramic slip mixtures for lost-wax casting.

ceramic slip pump hcp 40This very important company is involved in investment lost-wax casting,through this process,is possible to obtain alloy steel castings  with high degree accuracy and very high final finish. The procedure involves with production of wax matrices of the product to be manufactured,then covered by ceramic slip and sand deposited in layers, by means of subsequent baths, till obtain a coating of thickness suitable for the casting operation. After removed the wax, the steel alloy will melt inside of the ceramic structure to obtain the final metal component. The ceramic slurry used in the casting operation has an abrasiveness capacity rather significant, and submits machines and plant components to a strong mechanical wear and tear.
For aspiration and transfer operations of the ceramic media,  between the various pumps available in market, has been chosen by the customer, a peristaltic pump, self-priming Hose Carrier HCP 40 on two wheels kart, equipped with mechanical speed variator, complete with electrical switchboard. Purpose of the HCP 40 pump is to transfer the ceramic slurry from the preparation plant to the dip tanks. Operation that pump perform easily. Among the most important features of the pumps Hose Carrier there is the maximum resistance to mechanical wear and tear thanks to the reinforced hose  with all pumps are equipped with. The pump Hose Carrier HCP 40 can run dry without damage and aspirate and transfer abrasive fluids with different viscosity by varying the speed of rotation in function of characteristics of the mixture. The electrical panel mounted on board the machine also allows to obtain quick reversal of the flow directly in line, very convenient to carry out operations of rapid emptying without the need to intervene on the pipes. The high resistance of the peristaltic hose allows to obtain long operating life, modest operating costs , The maintenance is effected by the only replacement of the worn out hose, in a few minutes, on site, without special equipment or particularly specialized manpower.

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