Hydrochloric acid

The purpose of the application: hydrochloric acid and Aluminum anodizing.

hydrochloric acid metering pumpThis company deal with surface treatments, and there is a lot to do with an annual production of about 7000 tons of Aluminum. The quality of the finishes has distinguished this company in the market, making it among the most important companies in Italy in this sector. Evidently to reach this important goal, it is necessary to pay particular attention to all production processes, and especially those in the preliminary analysis, and control, before each processing step.

The hydrochloric acid is widely used to perform the repeated chemical controls necessary to achieve a process of high quality finish that the company shall ensure. The sampling is done by drawing directly  from the baths the liquid to test, and subject it to various chemical controls. For dosing hydrochloric acid is used, a peristaltic pump HC 10 low pressure pump, with a fixed rotation speed, and particularly slow, in order to obtain a tubular membrane long lasting time.

Ease to use, high reliability in the priming, and the absolute compatibility with the hydrochloric acid, allow this little HC 10 peristaltic pump to make its important contribution in order to achieve the high quality standards desired by the company in the production processes.

The HC 10 is a small proportions peristaltic pump, but very sturdy and accurate, easy to use, does not suffer damage in case of dry running and is capable of developing a vacuum of 8 meters. Provides a instant and continuous self-priming effect. The tube membrane is compatible with a very broad spectrum of aggressive chemicals, its replacement is quick and simple and requires no special skills. Given the obvious talents shown by the first peristaltic pump, the customer introduced a second unit as a complement to the first.

For more information on the pump : Hose Carrier HC 10

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