Chemicals products suction and transfer.

Pompa Hose Carrier HCP 5.0 con inverter su carrello

A well-known company engaged in the manufacture and sale of chemical substances and products destined to the car industry and transport, needed new pump for transfer chemicals with characteristics that are very variable. The raw materials and the products   made in the company are generally acidic or alkaline, dense or viscous, or very fluid, but with a tendency to determine phenomena such as foams. The operation which the pump has in charge start from emptying  the tanks for the transfer to production, to dosing into the container of the medium and the large proportion.

It is ideal that a single pump will be able to fulfil all the needs, adapting to the individual characteristics of the fluid, without complicated operations of adaptation. Among the various needs, there is also to move easily the machine in the manufacture areas according to the needs of the chemicals production cycle.

The company chose a Hose Carrier of the HCP 5.0-speed electronically variable, with a dedicated trolley. The pump can ensure to get a range from a few hundred litres up to 12000 litres times, work with thick fluids without difficulty, or pumping fluids, which generate foams without start this unwanted phenomenon. The full chemical compatibility of the pump avoid to prepare the machine for different tasks.

Granules, abrasive suspensions that may be present in the products, or processing waste contaminated can be pumped without any damage to the pump.

The presence of the inverter programmable allows simple dosing or interfacing with the sensors or the logic of the system that will be defined for the purpose. With a single pump, and no changes you will be able to pump many chemical based products or finished products such as, acids, bases, detergents, surfactants, degreasers, additives, solvents, emollients, and lubricants. Of course, the different viscosities are not a problem, as well as the possibility of priming capability that is guaranteed to dry without damage in the case of normal or intermittently operation, . Not bad for a single pump.

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