Pumps for chemical cleaning.

Application purpose: chemical cleaning and descaling, industrial plants, recovery of wastewater and sludge with peristaltic pump.

peristaltic pump for chemical cleaningThis company operates in the field of chemical cleaning and washing of industrial systems, plants and components. These operations take place inside the company in the special tanks prepared for the purpose or directly on the customer plant, in case it is not possible to disassemble it. This last condition, also known as CIP (cleaning in place),for the obvious reasons is the most widespread.

The cleaning and washing operation is effected by the flushing special chemical cleaning agents acidic, basic and neutral. Are generally used, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate, soda etc. All the substances used for these operations, have characteristics of aggressiveness certainly relevant, it is taken for granted that the machines and pump equipment used for that task must be perfectly compatible in order to ensure the expected service life. But the important point of this application is another, during the washing operations, sometimes mud and abrasive media resulting in the waste.

The normal pumps used by our customer certainly are chemically compatible, but totally unsuitable for the treatment of muddy and abrasive sewage. In addition, during the washing phases, in certain situations, the liquid flow is discontinuous, exposing the conventional pumps to a dangerous operation in dry condition or intermittently, with continuous phases of priming, condition that sometimes resulted in damage to the sealing system of the pumps.

The peristaltic pump solution.

Sometimes the fluid is collected in flexible tanks placed and moved from time to time in different areas of the plant, these tanks having modest heights. The required pump must be capable of operating with minimum flooded condition level, the pump must be suitable of operating intermittently and with speed priming capabilities. The perfect solution was found by choosing a peristaltic pump HCP 25, with compact dimensions, good performance, absolute capacity and rapid priming, full chemical compatibility, and capable to operate with fluids with a very different viscosity, with solid abrasive suspension and obviously dry proof capabilities. Simple tasks for HCP 25 peristaltic pump .

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