Stainless steel peristaltic pumps.

Inox pumps? when using peristaltic pumps in stainless steel.

peristaltic pumps made in stainless steel SS 304 - 316If there is a peculiarity that in principle distinguishes the peristaltic pumps from the others in general, it is the characteristic of being “contactless” This means there is no physical contact between the pumped fluid and the pump’s mechanical organs. The treated fluid remains entirely contained in the peristaltic hose. This peculiarity excludes, in fact, that materials that are compatible with the liquid to be treated must necessarily be used to make the pump as inevitably applies to all other types of pumps, often made in stainless steel.

What is the purpose of a inox peristaltic  pumps, and what advantages are obtained?

Essentially, not many, there are no real practical advantages to make the difference between a common pump and one entirely INOX made . It is possible to make wider and different considerations than the search for a “functional” purpose.
We can consider the environment where the machine is to be applied, the environmental characteristics may still be chemically aggressive, so the pump would suffer “passively” the consequences.
Other environmental conditions require very high cleaning levels, the ability to intervene quickly on machines easily and effectively ensures the sanitary levels required by these situations. Sectors such as food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics are the most common example in which the highest level of direct and indirect cleaning is to be guaranteed. it’s not a casuality in these cases, entire machines and production lines are made using stainless steel in considerable quantities.

Other criteria that may determine the choice of using a stainless steel peristaltic pumps may be more subjective. Sometimes the customer chooses a peristaltic inox pump to make it easy to operate the machine’s normal handling and maintenance process, having the highest resistance to atmospheric or environmental impacts from the pump’s structural components. It is possible to say that a machine made of stainless steel makes it much simpler to perform more intensive and accurate cleaning operations (such as pressure and steam scrubbing) or facilitates the use and handling of the machine in the most extreme environmental cases , characterized by summary and corrective maintenance, or vice versa, very frequent and intense.

Finally, there are good reasons that make the choice to use a completely stainless steel peristaltic pumps substantially mandatory.

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