Suction of contaminated lubricants, pumps for dense mixtures and very viscous oils.

Difficulty on extracting and aspirating contaminated lubricants.

peristaltic pumps for suction of contaminated lubricants

The purpose of the application is to simplify the aspiration and replacement of contaminated lubricating mixtures in the gearboxes and drive units present in the wind turbine generators. The maintenance operations foreseen on the wind generation devices are quite frequent. Particularly difficult is the extraction of a type of lubricant which has the consistency of a fluid grease which, once its tribological properties have been exhausted, is replaced also because it contains a significant quantity of contaminating metallic microparticulate generated by the normal wear of the mechanical components.

The dense and viscous consistency of the lubricant creates various complications for maintenance purposes. The biggest problem is the difficulty in aspirating the contaminated lubricants of the gearbox. Our customer experimented different solutions to solve problem without reaching the desired efficiency levels. The different type of pumps put into the test, did not meet expectations, or proved to be ineffective or even damaged very quickly.

Also involved in the affair we were asked to offer our solution. We proposed a pump that would certainly have been the ideal solution for the suction of contaminated lubricants. A HCP 15 peristaltic pump equipped with a very compact electronic speed variation system.

The peristaltic pump, a good solution.

The small unit is particularly light and manageable, easily lifted up to the wind generator’s nacelle. Once started, the large vacuum produced by the HCP 15 peristaltic pump allows the suction of contaminated lubricants and dense mixtures with simplicity. The possibility of varying the flow rate of the pump allows to maximize the performances according to the different viscosity of the sucked lubricating fluids.

The light and compact inverter that the pump is equipped with is managed with a practical keypad with very simplified functions to be used by any operator.

The pump naturally is selfpriming capable and does not damage if it works occasionally dry. The pump do not suffer any damage generated by the presence of solid metal particulate present in the lubricating mass. The machine fully met the expectations of the customer, who with a modest investment was able to equip himself with a definitive solution, easy to use and truly effective for the aspiration of contaminated lubricants.

More information on the pump: Hose Carrier HCP 15

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Pumpout marinas mobile system Partner 2r for bilge and waste water

pumpout dockside mobile system partner 2r

Are now six years that an important dock has purchased a bilge water pumpout Partner 2r dockside mobile system to ensure suction and transfer of sewage water of boats. Designed exactly for this use, are six years that the Partner goes back and forth to the dock by doing the right hard work.

The basic diet of this pumpout device are the exhausts in general, but may occur bilge water with sand and sludge, suspended solid particles and various, but also oil, fuel and who knows what else. With its tank of 250 litres, Partner 2r is brought into the proximity of the vessels, and recovers waste fluids to download to storage or treatment. Appropriate accessories can further extend the applications of use. Equipped with a tow hook of approved type, may be driven by any suitable means. Lightweight and compact, it is ideal for services small marinas and harbours.

Thi Partner is equipped with Hose Carrier HCP 2.5 pump of great reliability of operation. Services intensive as the ones of this customer, are not a problem for this pump. Great versatility, suction capacity, and the ability to run dry without problems, make all the difference when you need to rely on machines that work intense. The Partner 2r is really easy to use and does not require specific skills, your pump Hose Carrier is compatible with all aggressive liquids, abrasive and dense.

In six years of operation, the “Partner 2r” of this marina, has not required any spare parts and carries out its own humble job with great reliability, every time.

For more information on the dockside system water bilge Partner 2r

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